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JR.NBA X WASHINGTON MYSTICS X BMORECL coming together, collaborating to bring girls/boys Leagues to the DMV Area

JR.NBA X WASHINGTON MYSTICS X BMORECL coming together, collaborating to bring girls/boys Leagues to the DMV Area. The Jr. NBA League is the perfect way to prepare your kids for college and beyond. The Jr. NBA League provides a competitive and challenging environment where kids can develop the skills and experience they need to succeed at the next level. Our coaches are all experienced and qualified, and they're committed to helping kids reach their full potential.

🏀Nationwide non profit youth and young adult Student-Athletic Program

Starting at age 3, the curriculum for our youngest age group is designed to grow with your child teaching skills and game play. For our youngest ballers, we focus on introducing your child to the sport while providing instruction through activities and drills that keep kids learning and having fun🏀 

For our junior age group, we offer programming designed to keep kids learning the fundamentals of the sport and understanding the dynamics of working as a team, being competitive all while having fun. The curriculum teaches your child that winning and losing are part of the game, but it’s how you do it that sets you apart from others.

The #1 reason kids play sports is to have fun. It is not surprising then, that the number one reason they quit is because they stop enjoying it. Our senior curriculum gives our oldest age group opportunities to build on their skills and grow as an athlete, on and off the court all while continuing to love the game

We are family-oriented with a focus on creating a positive and inclusive environment for young basketball players. The program encourages parents and family members to get involved in their child's basketball journey, whether it's by volunteering as a coach or attending games and practices. The Jr. NBA also emphasizes the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect for others, which helps create a positive and supportive community for young players and their families. Sign up the family today (Volunteers wanted)

The Jr. NBA Skills Challenge provides boys and girls, ages 13 and younger, the opportunity to improve upon and showcase their fitness through five fundamental basketball skills: shooting, lay-ups, dribbling, passing, and defense. The program is free for all participants and organizations. Boys and girls compete separately in two different age groups: 11U and 13U. Participants will compete in local competitions for the opportunity to qualify for the National Finals in New York City. The top scorers from the Local Competitions will be ranked and invited to compete at the National Finals during the 2023 NBA Draft presented by State Farm in June 2023.

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